About Kidspreneur

"Bringing the entrepreneurial mindset to kids"

You want your child to be happy and when your child grows up, chances are they will spend the majority of their lives working in some capacity. Wouldn’t you like them to do what they love?

At Kidspreneur we want to establish the same. That is the reason we teach entrepreneurship to kids and teenagers who are between 7-18 years old. In an ever changing world, being entrepreneurial is an increasingly Important life skill. Happiness is the true measure of success, let’s help your child get there.

-Mrs. Mohanalakshmi.K

Why Kidspreneur

Kids love entrepreneurship as it is a creative, empowering and money-making activity! Since kids decide what type of products they want to sell according to their own interests and hobbies here at Kidspreneur we are able to reach the heart of your child that school teachers sometimes can’t.

Hands on

Learning through doing


Acquire an innovation mindset


Experience real business ownership


Set goals and make decisions

Entrepreneurship Brings Learning to Life: ESTEAM

Entrepreneurial learning brings science and technology to life through real work applications

ESTEAM frame work for your kids

Kidspreneur combines science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics under the lens of entrepreneurship and give students the knowledge to take their learning beyond the classroom.

The Scientific method informs design challenges:

Hypothesising, testing, improving and trying new things are not only key to entrepreneurship – students rely on the scientific method to bring science to life in the products they create.

Invention if brought to life with Technology

Kidspreneur doesn’t just introduce students to technology – our curriculum provides them with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals behind it to use in the development of their products and companies.

Engineering isn’t just a skill set – it’s also a mindset

Working in terms and viewing mistakes as opportunities, students experience engineering the way it happens in the real world – introducing them to the creative problem-solving side of entrepreneurship.

Art/Design can be brought to life by entrepreneurs

Every kind of creative idea has a place and can be brought to wider audiences with an entrepreneurial mindset. Expression through art is an integral part of creating a product.

When creating a budget, Math is key

Entrepreneurship students develop crucial mathematics and analytical thinking skills through the creation of budgets for their product and the development of financial literacy knowledge as they build their company

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