Times have changed. Gone are the days when we used to ask our children, “So what do you want to be when you grow up?”. Now, we find ourselves asking, “How are my children going to get a job when they grow up?”. We ask ourselves this because over the last decade, young people of ages 21-34 make up approximately 70% of world unemployment. We, therefore, need to create young entrepreneurs to equip them for the future and give them a head start in life. Kidspreneurs assist parents on this very task.

What is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who chooses not to be an employee but instead chooses to run their own business. To do this successfully one needs to possess a few specific skills.


Kidspreneurs are children who have acquired these specific skills at a very young age. They are money smart. Being money smart means that they can make effective money management decisions on earning money, saving money for short and long-term goals, spending choices and the consequences of these choices. Kidspreneurs are also business-minded, skilful, socially aware, motivated, confident, creative, diligent, resilient, innovative and responsible all at the same time. Kidspreneurs unlock each door to a great future because they possess the keys to success.

What Do We at Kidspreneur Do? 

Besides the scarcity of work, the education system frequently fails to adequately equip our children for life after school. The Kidspreneur programmes fill the gap by developing in our children, vital skills such as entrepreneurial, financial literacy, employability and workplace readiness in a fun and experiential way. We empower and capacitate our children to be the authors of their own destiny. Our children may not all end up starting their own businesses, but they will possess the skills employers will be looking for in an employee in a saturated market. Our programmes are designed to promote financial literacy, encourage entrepreneurial thinking and spark the enterprising spirit in young people. Classes are conducted in small groups to ensure that each and every kid’s creativity is supported and that the intended knowledge and experience is ignited. We EduTain our kids, which means that we educate through entertainment and play.

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