It is a marathon organized to inculcate the deadly outcomes of the disease Global Warming, our Mother Earth is facing.It is organized ‘by the kids, for the kids, of the Mother Earth’.


It was half past noon the only man active and roaring was exactly on top of my head in the sky. I was half drained while taking my KIDSPRENEUR class but it was other way round on the opposite side. My budding CEOs were highly energized and were busy pitching out there plans.

One of them the calm and composed Shashank was going along with an idea ‘THE CAPTAIN ENVY’. Then suddenly from nowhere an idea struck their brains. Playful and active Sharan came out and said “Since we were having ideas about Social Entrepreneurship why don’t we create awareness about environmental issues like pollution and global warming”.

Humble and thinkable Mehul supported this idea. Then came the ever dynamic and confident Athdya who gave superb idea to do a KIDSPRENEUR MARATHON to create awareness about global warming.

Then they started working on it and didn’t sleep (meta) until the event was grand success. With a span of a week completely the event was organized by our KID CEOs like the sponsorships, arrangements, police permission, hospitality, health care, invitations every nook and corner was scrupulously and meticulously planned, which many feel is impossible at that age(10-16).

The success of the event can be seen in the appraisals of their parents, visitors and huge satisfactory look in their eyes. I conclude by saying that if every kid is given a responsibility in the world for one day, they might turn our planet Earth into a heaven.

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