always ask "what if" and "why" and seek new and creative ways of learning and doing.

Growth Mindset

Recognize your potential for learning and achieving anything and the power to stretch your brain. and sharpen your mind!


Dare to step out of your comfort zone(s) to accomplish great things.

Persistance & Grid

Learn to work through failure to create solutions for the problems you are passionate about.

Opportunity - Seeking

Actively observe, identify, and act on circumstances where you can innovate or solve a problem.

Problem - Solving

They are active doers that develop creative solutions to problems around them.

Redefining Failure

See failure as a learning opportunity and a launchpad for your next success or discovery.


Be confident and hopeful in your ability to innovate and your potential for making an impact.


Develop quick and clever ways to overcome challenges (and don't worry, you can always iterate!).


Make smart changes when challenges arise without losing heart or giving up.


Think about other people’s needs and feelings and keeping these in mind when solving a problem.

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