Curriculum Director of Kidspreneur

If you could peek inside the mind of JIN A KIM, you’d discover a kaleidoscope of powerful ideas, innovative cultural trends and the active imagination of a visionary who is always one step ahead of the crowd. In Jinna’s world, every thought has the potential to transform into visually groundbreaking material.

As the curriculum director for Kidspreneur, she leads the content and design, motivating individuals to develop new dimensions to their performance. The result? Fresh conceptual interpretations and compelling, impactful funfilled actions that sparks every kids. With expertise in brand identity, comprehensive design campaigns, collateral systems and web/interactive design, Jina is a talented leader with keen insights for what’s next.

Jina’s imagination works around the clock. An eye-catching shopping bag she sees on the street or a tattered piece of paper might lead to an innovative design. Everything she sees has the potential to transform into something enchanting. Industry peers have certainly fallen under her spell. She is a devoted leader and mentor with a clever eye for detail who inspires the production of work that is individually stunning and collectively powerful.

JinA Kim holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Sunderland and B.A degree in International Trading from University of Incheon, South Korea. Also she acclaimed several business programs including project management, leadership, marketing and advertising in U.S. When she was at college, she started her online fashion business and run for several years and prior to joining (Kidspreneur), JinA completed internship engagements at Palm USA which is retail business in Chicago, USA. JinA has an extensive background and experiences in importing, exporting, logistics, international business relations especially in Asia and U.S.

  • Time: 9:00-11:00
  • Location: 66 Clifton Road, New York


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