Co-Founder and Director of Kidspreneur

Kala’s is the education director of Kidspreneue.With over 13 years of IT experience in both the India and Singapore, his career span has seen him lead and develop numerous training projects for employees. As well as being graded an ‘Outstanding Performer’ by National Computer Singapore consistently for over 7 years, he has also set-up and led successful businesses part-time alongside his IT career. Inevitably this system, and in realising the huge gaps in the 21st century skills in the next generation.

Training was is passion now become teaching i, and he strongly believes in a good education, however he also believes that education comes in all forms and that personal development and growth stretches far beyond books and classrooms. ‘ Whether children are academic or not, whether they are creative or not, whether they are privileged or not, there is another route to happiness and success’ Kalas made a very conscious decision to leave mainstream IT career to help create and contribute to something much bigger, much more profound, and with much lasting impact...that being Kidspreneur.

  • Time: 9:00-11:00
  • Location: 66 Clifton Road, New York


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