Kaushal Raj R.T

Kaushal Raj

Founder and CEO of MYLAT

Name: Kaushal Raj
Age: 16
Favorite Food: Chocolate Brownie with Ice-cream
Favorite game: Cricket
Favorite Toy:LEGO
Quote: If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.

I am the Founder and CEO of MYLAT(My Little Accountant). My parents once told me about how they were finding it difficult to account and save money. After hearing this, I realised that no one, now-a-days takes the time to moniter their income and expnditure. This was due to the busy life style everyone has today. Nobody understands that saving money is a responsibility and is a habit that everyone should follow. This problem led me to develop the MYLAT app.

MYLAT is an easy solution to you financial needs. You can categorize your expenses and incomes, set daily/monthly budgets, can have remainders for payments and can set goals for savings. Te app will provide you with data of you income and expenses, and will send you alerts when expenses are higher than the budget set.

  • Time: 9:00-11:00
  • Location: 66 Clifton Road, New York


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