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We've developed turnkey curriculum that integrates entrepreneurship, STEM, and design-thinking to equip students with the 21st century skills necessary to create market-based solutions to problems. Partner with us to join the ranks of innovative and cutting-edge schools nationwide transforming their students into proactive leaders of the future. We can't wait to work with you!
How it works




KEDU Primary curriculum designed for kids between 7 to 12 years its fun based hands on.


KEDU Secondary curriculum designed for kids between 12 to 18 years its fun based logical.


Every class which participates in KEDU is invited to participate in the Kidspreneur Business Fair The fair showcase of the startups created by the Kidspreneur's.
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Here’s how we did it!

We interviewed successful entrepreneurs so that we could bring you the most up-to-date, expert business and entrepreneurship content for empowering students with the knowledge and skills to succeed. Finally, we developed the new version of the curriculum using 21st century tools. Our Kidspreneur Edu entrepreneurship curriculum for school is accessible through our blended learning platform. You can find lesson plans, teaching resources, and student assessments in one, easy-to-access digital toolkit. PLUS the tool is built to integrate technology for student use in the right places, to maximise their learning experience. We’re counting on YOU - each and every educator in our Kidspreneur community - to check out Kidspreneur Edu and share your thoughts with us. We are committed to keep innovating for you and for your students!

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Since 2015, over 480,000 children have created their own classroom businesses with Kidspreneur EDU all over Asia and from 2017 more than 13,000 students in India.
A Kidspreneur survey indicated that teachers saw improved confidence, team building, communications and independence in children who participated.
Primary School provides a great opportunity for change creation. The combination of having one teacher with a constant and familiar relationship with kids, close parental and community contact with the schools, combined with the open minds of 7 and 12 year olds make it the ideal time to introduce new concepts. The competitive elements of education which are so evident at second level have not yet kicked in and pupils view each other as equals.
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Ms.Mohanalakshmi, is a dynamic entrepreneur and mentor with a passion for teaching and engaging next generation in technology and entrepreneurship. She is the founder and CEO of Kidspreneur , an innovation academy that runs experiential learning programs in tech entrepreneurship for children and youth ages 5 to 18. Ms.Mohana’s mission is to Raising Entrepreneurial Kids Today To Be Tomorrow’s Creative Leaders, which explores kids in the state of the technology and sciences fields.Entrepreneurial education, with detailed suggestions for encouraging kids to learn to innovate and develop the grit that will enable them to move forward in life.
Founder & CEO