Avail the Kidspreneur EDU program on our No-Cost Sponsorship* plan!

Thank you for your interest in Kidspreneur EDU Programme! Please fill out the application (linked below) to apply for the No-Cost Sponsorship to cover the licensing fee of your program. Our reduced-cost elements are paid for by the Kidspreneur Foundation, Canada and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Kidspreneur Foundation Canada is a nonprofit, and we are only able to provide reduced-cost programs to a limited number of trusted parter schools based on qualifications determined by our grant funding guidelines. The grant funding process requires schools to be put on an international waiting list after which the schools will be placed in the program as the funds become available. The No-Cost Program encompasses full subsidies as well as partial subsidies. The schools on top of the waiting list will be eligible for the larger waiver.

The most heavily weighted factors for our sponsorship funding are:

1. The need for Kidspreneur EDU programs in your classroom

2. Your plan to implement Kidspreneur EDU programs in your class

3. The funding you have available through your school

Please note: Due to our current grant funding, the sponsorship only covers the license cost of the program workbooks excluding any shipping costs.

*No-Cost Sponsorship has limited number of slots to be filled per year.
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