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5 March 2019

Work together in summer

Favorite Food: Mango
Favorite Game/Video game: Greenspot
Favorite Toy: Barbies
Quote : "Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends"

Hello Everyone, This is about my journey of being a pet lover to the CEO of my own pet Caring club. From my childhood I always liked animals though I was scared. I used to play with the puppies and feed a calf and a calf regularly with my mother. Later when I came to know animals are tested with makeup, I felt bad. When chemicals are bad for human, how can it be safe for animals? I also came to know the other ways by which pets suffer. This gave me an idea to start a Pet Caring Club where I can introduce many ways by which pets can be taken care. As my first step I'm writing my own book "Animals I love" to share with everyone about the precious animals we have got in our world. Even the wild animals are loving in nature. By joining Kidspreneur my idea is happening in real as I learn the way of managing the club myself. I hope to bring changes to the pets with the support and learning from Kidspreneur. "Special thanks to my Ammama, Mrs.K.Hemalatha to take very good and special care of me so I could be more focused in my work and Mohana sister to support me with all the ideas".

  • Time: 9:00-11:00
  • Location: 66 Clifton Road, New York


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