Kidspreneur Edu:

KidspreneurEdu Primary curriculum for Schools is customised and made for kids between 7 to 12 years to learn all about starting an business through fun based activities.Its fun and project-based learning you can use to motivate younger students and show parents how well their children are learning.

Kidspreneur Edu: Secondary

KidspreneurEdu Secondary curriculum for Schools is customised and made for students between 12 to 18 years to learn all about starting an business through logical based activities.Its fun and gives real world connection, you can use to motivate high school students and show their potential to change the world .

Teachers love KidspreneurEdu because it has

Easy to follow lesson plans and materials

Flexible and adaptable modules to easily fit your schedule

Visual resources such as powerpoint and videos

New and improving content and workbook!

Learn About Our Programs

To learn which Kidspreneur program is right for your students, read more about any of our programs: Kidspreneur EDU, Kidspreneur Studio, Kidspreneur MBA, Kidspreneur WIZ, Kidspreneur MOV, and Kidspreneur PRO.

Receive A Program

Once signup the curriculum license for your school, your curriculum kit will be sent to you. Kidspreneur programs contain all materials needed to teach and training provided to your staff so you’re ready to start teaching as soon as you receive it.

Set Up Your Account

Register your class and tell us about your plans to teach. This helps us know when and how we can support you!

Student Workbook

Once you set your account with Kidspreneur portal. You’ll need to purchase KidspreneurEdu Student Workbooks, so that each of your eager ‘Kidspreneur will have all of the resources they need to follow along in the curriculum and to be well-informed as they start their businesses.

Students take Pre-Assessment

To assess how much your students have learned, all of our programs include a pre- and post-assessment. Before teaching begins, have students take the pre-assessment (found in the Educators Portal). By submitting this valuable information to us and our donors, you are helping to keep program prices low for educators like you!

Teach the program

Now you’re ready to start teaching your program! All lessons are clearly laid out in the Teacher Manual included in your curriculum kit. If you need help throughout the program, check out our online resources or contact us.

Students take Post-Assessment

After you have completed the program, all students will take the post-assessment (found in the Educator Portal). Thank you in advance! We will send you your students’ score changes so you can see how much they’ve learned. Did you submit both your pre- and post-assessments for Kidspreneur? To show our appreciation, we’ll send you a new pack of string so you can teach again!