It's 2017, and for 5 years, Kidspreneur curriculum has been developed for elementary and middle school children across Asia. To help students learn how to run a business through our entrepreneurship programs.

The original Kidspreneur program began as a grassroots movement in Singapore by our Founder Mohanalakshmi.K in an effort to teach students the important business skills that many of them were not being taught at home or at school. Today, Kidspreneur curriculums is authorised by Singapore MOE and its a teacher-led entrepreneurial program.

Kidspreneur currently offers two engaging, based programs:Kidspreneur Premium,KidspreneurEdu. By adding relevancy to academics and providing students with a real-world context. All two programs are designed to be flexible and applicable in a variety of classroom settings. The curriculum materials are updated regularly.

Kidspreneur is committed to enriching the quality of education and future prospects for all the kids, promoting self-sufficiency, and assisting children in achieving their highest potential. According to our rigorous evaluation, over 97% of all classes that participate in our programs showed increased knowledge in business, entrepreneurship, and finance concepts. 98% of teachers surveyed agreed that the programs connect academic content to the real world.

Before students reach the well documented "turning point" in middle school, we believe that we can empower them with innovative, real-world experiences. In doing so, we can disrupt the trajectory of the past and send children in a new direction that inspires them to achieve extraordinary things!


Kids around the world will be prepared for bright futures that support global economic growth and vibrancy. Engaging them in entrepreneurship education will inspire and set the stage for future leaders.


No matter a student’s age, background, or experiences, we believe they have the power to change the world. We are building a movement to spread the entrepreneurial mindset around the world to empower kids with the tools needed to become the next generation of innovators and change makers. Our mission is to enable 21st century skills through our entrepreneurship curriculum to unlock student potential and prepare them to succeed in technical, creative, and entrepreneurial fields.

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