Kidspreneur Residential Camp

Age is Just a Number, Your Entrepreneurial Journey Starts Now

Kidspreneur gives high and middle school students the skills and mindset to start real companies.

Our program will help you to leverage your talents and tenacity to build a viable startup. We’ll train you in the innovative thinking that allows found- ers to create successful businesses, challenging you to take a real startup from idea to execution and impact.

How it works



About The Residential Program

OurResidential program taps into your potential as an ambitious high school student, supporting you through the process of launching an actual startup.We bring a highly curated group of promising young entrepreneurs together from around the globe. Living on campus of School for a 3 days innovation learning, you’ll spend your program time learning from indus- try experts and working in a group of peer cofounders to build real prod- ucts and solve business challenges in meaningful and viable ways.

Your Program Experience

Bringing a real product to the market in just in 3 days is no small task. Your Kidspreneur experience will be challenging. It will be intense. And it will be worth it.

Classroom activities, simulations and mock board meetings will immerse you in the entrepreneurial process and push you to stretch the limits of what you thought was possible. Each day, you’ll learn from Entrepreneurs and industry experts who know first-hand what it takes to build a viable company. In afternoons and on evenings, you’ll work with your cofounder team to put these lessons to work applying your newfound knowledge and skills to take your company to the next level.

Join us now to start your entrepreneurial Journey!

Curriculam Overview

Here is an overview of the classes and workshops that you can expect throughout the month. Note: This schedule is not exact—some sessions may change in topic and timing, but the overall flow will be the same.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  1. 1. Developing the foundations of entrepreneurship.
  2. 2. Identifying your purpose and problem.
  3. 3. Formalizing the idea.
Learning in the Classroom

Kidspreneur team will lead you on the entrepreneurial journey through interactive lectures, workshops, simulations and activities. These sessions require student engagement yet allow you to apply the lessons directly to your startup.

  1. 1. Understanding the user experience.
  2. 2. Designing mockups and a first proof of concept Testing with customers.
  3. 3. Determining how to acquire customers.
Learning from Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs need to be resilient to learn from their own failures and those of others. Learn from the people who have done it before. Whether you’re getting started with product development or branding, our instructors are experts in their fields, including successful entrepreneurs.

  1. 1. Developing marketing and operational strategies Introducing business models including pricing and costs.
  2. 2. Pitching - crafting your pitch, pitch practice, and feedback.
  3. 3. Closing with demo day - celebration of progress and feedback for next steps.
Personalized Support for Your Business

Your team will have weekly check-ins with staff to ensure your company’s high performance through effective communication and collaboration strategies.

Mock Board meetings with guest mentors will provide you with individual- ized and honest feedback. Whether challenging your business hypotheses, urging you out into the marketplace to collect more customer data, or helping you refine your pitch, these professionals will push you at every step to help your company grow.

Expert of this Class

Ms.Mohanalakshmi, is a dynamic entrepreneur and mentor with a passion for teaching and engaging next generation in technology and entrepreneurship. She is the founder and CEO of Kidspreneur , an innovation academy that runs experiential learning programs in tech entrepreneurship for children and youth ages 5 to 18. Ms.Mohana’s mission is to Raising Entrepreneurial Kids Today To Be Tomorrow’s Creative Leaders, which explores kids in the state of the technology and sciences fields.Entrepreneurial education, with detailed suggestions for encouraging kids to learn to innovate and develop the grit that will enable them to move forward in life.
Founder & CEO